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Real estate law encompasses a wide range of legal activities that include negotiation of landlord-tenant disputes, acquisitions of property, leasing arrangements and zoning issues. Attorneys who specialize in this field must maintain an up-to-date knowledge not only of the intricacies of the real estate industry but also of business law as it applies to these transactions. Understanding the role of the real estate attorney in dealing with property acquisitions and management can help you achieve a greater degree of success in this investment field.

Residential Real Estate

The services of a real estate attorney can be extremely valuable for both home buyers and sellers in managing various elements of the process. In some cases, issues may arise that could significantly affect the value of the property or the allowable uses available to prospective buyers. By working with a professional in the field of real estate law to navigate these complex transactions, buyers and sellers alike can ensure that all paperwork is completed properly and that no unexpected surprises crop up at closing. By performing all necessary due diligence for these residential property transfers, a licensed and qualified attorney can provide real peace of mind for both parties to these transactions.

Commercial Real Estate

The role of the real estate attorney is even more critical in the field of commercial real estate. Leasing and rental disputes are common occurrences and may require professional mediation to ensure the best possible outcomes for all parties to the dispute. Evictions and tenant complaints can also result in litigation and court appearances. Retaining the services of a Boynton real estate lawyer can provide added support for landlords and property owners in dealing with tenants and managing the complexities of all varieties of rental and lease agreements.

Attorney Dvora M. Weinreb works with the Boynton Law team to provide the best and most comprehensive legal services for commercial property managers, landlords, home buyers and sellers and all others involved in the real estate industry. With over 20 years of experience in the field of real estate litigation, Dvora Weinreb can provide the guidance and legal advice necessary to help her clients navigate the paperwork and legal implications of real property transfers and management issues in the modern marketplace to provide the best outcomes and the smoothest transactions for clients of Boynton Law.

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