Why Boynton Law?

Our Boynton Law Firm Believes In Justice and Integrity For All Matters

At Boynton Law, we are committed to representing our clients in the legal arena and providing them with the best possible guidance and support in all their legal needs. Our legal practice is based on the principles established by Nathan Boynton, a renowned political figure and investor who fought against the South during the Civil War and named his son after Abraham Lincoln out of respect for President Lincoln’s integrity and sense of justice. Nathan Boynton’s establishment of the Boynton Beach Hotel was an important catalyst for the growth of this vibrant community. Nathan Boynton’s contributions throughout his life have had a significant impact not only on Boynton Beach but also on the political and economic processes that have shaped our region of the country.

Helping Everyday People Achieve their Goals

Nathan Boynton was also a founding member of the Knights of the Maccabees. This social organization provided a form of life insurance for businessmen in Canada and the United States. By paying in to the general pool, members of the Knights of the Maccabees could receive funds to help their families manage funeral costs and other expenses after their deaths. This early form of insurance was available at a low cost and also provided health insurance and disability benefits for its members. In this way, Nathan Boynton helped everyday families and individuals achieve a measure of financial security even in difficult times.

Building on a Solid Legacy of Integrity

The attorneys who make up the Boynton Law Firm are dedicated to the principles set forth by Nathan Boynton and are willing to aggressively pursue your legal goals. We work diligently to provide the most vigorous and effective representation for all your legal matters.  Our legal team offers you the experience and knowledge you need to be heard in the courtroom, board room, and in the family setting. Whether you need help with real estate dealings, corporate technology concerns, personal injury cases or any other legal matters, our Boynton Beach lawyers can provide you with the right solutions for your situation.

Boynton Beach Lawyer

Boynton Law was founded to honor the legacy of justice and responsibility left behind by Nathan Boynton and to serve the community of Boynton Beach and the surrounding areas with the same care and attention to detail that he demonstrated in all his business dealings. By choosing our team to represent you in your legal affairs, you can ensure the most positive outcomes when navigating the intricacies of Florida law in our increasingly sophisticated and complex society.