Legal Website Review

Our legal website review will culminate in a report in both online and printed forms, covering such matters as:

  • Identifying property and assets on the Web site, and reviewing the Webmaster’s asset protection strategies as evidenced by the site. This part alone can help many Web operators get a better grip on whether their investments in online operation are accumulating into valuable assets, or just frittering away.
  • Review of privacy issues. We will look at the information you request of site visitors and how you use it, and spotlight the privacy issues they raise.
  • Review of visitor agreements and disclaimers used at your site. Are they adequate? Are they necessary? What kinds of provisions should you consider adding or removing?
  • Reviewing the Web site’s general exposure to legal and regulatory risks, and recommending ways of reducing excessive exposure.
  • Provide contracts if necessary Internet services

Our basic legal audit is designed to spot major legal issues and risks for a given Web site, and to provide suggestions on how to handle those issues and risks. It is not designed to provide in-depth evaluations of the legal issues that may arise in connection with a Web site, nor to remedy all risks identified for the flat fee. We can provide additional services to make the audit more comprehensive, and to address the risks and problems discovered, as requested. While the emerging law of the Web often transcends state and national boundaries, there may be local state law issues for a Web site, requiring the special assistance of a local attorney admitted in the state where the Web server or its owners or operators reside or carry on significant operations. Being a local attorney is not enough, however; when choosing attorneys for Web-related legal matters, always make sure they are familiar with computer communications.

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