David J. Berkowitz

David J. Berkowitz: Helping Businesses Navigate Complex Technical and Legal Issues

Thanks to his unique combination of skills, David J. Berkowitz has risen to the top ranks of the legal field. His comprehensive knowledge of web development and computer systems allows him to provide knowledgeable counsel regarding a wide range of technological issues. David Berkowitz is a member of the Broward County Bar Association and is admitted to the Florida Bar. He also maintains advanced technical certifications in computer networking, computer hardware and software and an array of Microsoft Windows professional products and servers. As a leading South Florida corporate technology lawyer, David Berkowitz puts his knowledge to work on behalf of clients throughout the computer industry. His hands-on experience allows him to provide relevant and accurate advice and guidance for clients in the fields of e-commerce, trademarks and patents, protection of confidential client data and business litigation.

What Is Technology Law?

Attorneys who specialize in corporate technology law can provide guidance in a number of important areas. Some of the most important duties of these legal professionals include the following:

  • Offering guidance on compliance with security requirements, protection of confidential client data and other aspects of data storage and data privacy in the business environment
  • Providing counsel regarding intellectual property rights that may include copyright protections, patent claims, accusations of infringement of trademarks and brand names and other items of litigation in this legal field
  • Managing e-commerce issues and best practices in the online business environment
  • Negotiating licensing issues with software and hardware vendors
  • Representing businesses in the field of cyber crime and in cases of unauthorized release or intrusions into commercial and proprietary computing systems
  • Managing issues of contract law, especially as it relates to e-signatures and electronic delivery of these legally binding documents
  • Offering legal help in navigating tax obligations, compliance with state, federal and international regulations and managing recordkeeping requirements for online enterprises

By combining an in-depth knowledge of modern computing systems with a comprehensive grasp of the complexities of business law, information technology lawyers deliver an unparalleled degree of insight for their customers in the corporate world.

The knowledge and experience that David Berkowitz brings to the table has made him a valuable asset for Boynton Law and our clients. As a preeminent South Florida corporate technology lawyer, he delivers the right answers to help clients achieve the most positive outcomes for their legal situations. Boynton Law is proud to count David J. Berkowitz as part of our elite team and as a trusted legal resource for residents in our area.