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The legal team at the Boynton Law Firm provides advice and legal consultation in the following areas:


Information technology law affects almost every aspect of today’s busy corporate marketplace. Both individuals and businesses that engage in on-line activities or conduct other electronic information based transactions need the advice of a lawyer who is a specialist in corporate technology law. It is imperative to consult, not just a general practitioner, but a lawyer familiar with all aspects of integrated web environments and the modern computing field to ensure that all regulatory and compliance requirements are being met, protect all confidential business data, and safeguard your intellectual property, such as trademarks, copyrights, and acquisition and retention of domain names. The attorneys at Boynton Law are uniquely qualified to handle all your legal internet technology issues because our legal team has practical experience working in the computer industry both inside and outside the legal profession. Read More.


If you or a family member have been unfairly and permanently injured due to the careless behavior of another person or business entity – whether such mishap occurs on a public street or in a private building or in a work place setting – you do not need to worry about the legal questions involved or second guess what your pain and suffering are worth in a courtroom. Let the team of experienced personal injury attorneys at Boynton Law evaluate your case, advocate on your behalf, and navigate the complicated legal process, so that you receive just compensation for your injuries and other possible damages. The attorneys at Boynton Law specialize in wrongful death cases, car accidents, slip and falls, premises liability, defective products, and other types of personal injury cases. If you have been injured, call Boynton Law for a free consultation. Read More.


Real estate – which is the phrase historically describing the ownership or use of land – affects most, if not all of us, on a daily basis. Real estate law governs a wide range of legal activities beginning with the transfer, use and ownership of “land” transactions, such as buying, selling or renting a house. Real estate law also includes various State and local rules on zoning, environmental regulations, the development of commercial construction projects, and leasing and eviction practices, to name just a few of the attendant issues associated with real property. It therefore follows that these matters are best handled by a specialist who not only understands the intricacies of the real estate industry, but is also experienced in the art of business and contract negotiations. Boynton Law is a full service law firm providing our clients with comprehensive residential and commercial real estate services. Read More.


An estate plan will not only provide you with peace of mind and allow you to distribute your assets in accordance with your wishes, but it will give your loved ones the much needed guidance they will want in the event unexpected circumstances suddenly leave you incapacitated or unable to make decisions about your finances or health care. Although it is not pleasant to think about the end of life, there is great comfort in protecting the interests of your family and making sure your desires are carried out and your assets are distributed in accordance with your will, revocable living trust, charitable giving plan, or some other legal document that reflects your estate plan. The wills and trusts attorney at Boynton Law provides advice on the best ways to provide for your family, make decisions regarding the care of your minor children, set aside special bequests for long-time friends, and ensure financial arrangements are handled in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws with minimal tax liability. Read More.

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