Boynton Beach Truck Accident Claims

Boynton Beach truck accident lawyer

Accidents involving trucks may be caused by multiple factors. In some cases, more than one party might be at fault, including the driver, the trucking carrier, the party responsible for repairing and maintaining the truck, the truck and truck parts manufacturers, and others. When people are seriously injured or killed in accidents involving large trucks, getting help from a Boynton Beach truck accident lawyer at Boynton Law might allow the victims or the families of people who are killed to recover compensation. A recent catastrophic truck accident near Delray Beach illustrates the complex nature of truck accidents and the damage that they can cause.

Accident Involving Disabled Truck on Florida’s Turnpike

On March 15, two people were killed in an accident on Florida’s Turnpike in Delray Beach near Atlantic Avenue. The male and female occupants were traveling south on the Turnpike when they collided with the rear of a disabled truck that was blocking the left southbound lane. The crash caused the sedan and truck to catch fire, and both occupants were killed. The driver of the truck suffered serious injuries. The sedan’s occupants were both declared dead at the accident scene.

The Florida Highway Patrol investigated the crash. The southbound lanes of the Turnpike were closed, and traffic was diverted to Boynton Beach Boulevard. The FHP did not indicate how fast the car was traveling at the time of the accident, which occurred at 9:20 am.

Wrongful Death Claims in Florida Truck and Car Accidents

In a case like this, the surviving family members of the victims might file wrongful death claims to recover compensation for their losses. While Florida is a no-fault insurance state for most car accidents, an exception applies when death or serious bodily injuries occur and allows plaintiffs to file lawsuits directly against the plaintiffs.

This case would need to be thoroughly investigated by a Boynton Beach truck accident lawyer to identify all of the parties that might have contributed fault to the accident. For example, the driver might have negligently failed to pull the truck off of the Turnpike. The driver’s trucking carrier might be vicariously liable for the actions of its employee. If the trucking carrier used a third-party company to repair the truck, that company could be liable if inadequate repairs were made that caused the truck to be disabled. Similarly, the manufacturer of any defective parts that disabled the truck might be liable. An experienced attorney at Boynton Law would conduct a thorough investigation to identify all of the liable parties to maximize the recovery of the surviving family members.

Get Help From a Boynton Beach Personal Injury Lawyer at Boynton Law

Truck accidents can be complex and might result in catastrophic injuries or deaths. If you have lost your loved one in a similar accident, you should contact Boynton Law today to schedule a consultation with a Boynton Beach personal injury lawyer. Call us today at 561-269-6866.

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