Boynton Beach Accident Leaves One Man Dead and Two Others Injured

Boynton Beach car accident attorney

A recent car accident in Boynton Beach left one man dead and two others injured. When more than one driver is involved in an accident, liability determinations are crucial for the victims. Even when the drivers share fault, an injured victim might still be able to recover damages with the help of an experienced Boynton Beach car accident attorney at Boynton Law.

The Accident

On Feb. 5, 2021, a 97-year-old was driving westbound on Boynton Beach Boulevard in a Volkswagen Jetta around 2:30 p.m. He turned left at Cedar Point Boulevard at the traffic signal into the path of an oncoming Porsche traveling eastbound on Boynton Beach Boulevard. The Porsche had the right-of-way, according to a spokesperson from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. The vehicles collided.

The 97-year-old man died in the collision. The Porsche’s driver and his passenger were injured and transported to Bethesda Hospital East for treatment. There is no report about whether any tickets were issued.

Determination of Liability

After an accident involving more than one driver, determining liability is critical for people who suffer serious injuries and the families of people who are killed. Even when the police issue a ticket, it is still possible for the ticketed driver to recover damages for injuries. Receiving a ticket does not mean that the driver who receives it is at fault, and tickets are inadmissible as evidence in a personal injury case.

Florida also follows a rule called comparative negligence. Under this system, a jury will evaluate the evidence and determine the percentage of fault each driver held. An injury accident victim who is partially at fault for causing his or her accident and injuries will have his or her verdict award reduced by the percentage that the jury allocates to him or her. Under this system, an accident victim who shares a portion of the fault can still recover damages for some of his or her losses.

From the recent case, it initially appears that the 97-year-old man was likely at fault in his fatal accident. His family could still talk to a Boynton Beach personal injury lawyer to determine fault and figure out whether a percentage might be attributed to the Porsche’s driver. The driver of the Porsche and his passenger could each ask an attorney for a case evaluation to determine whether they could file claims against the deceased man’s estate to recover compensation for their injuries and losses.

Talk to a Boynton Beach Car Accident Attorney

Liability issues after a serious car accident can be difficult to determine. If you have suffered serious injuries in an accident or have lost your loved one, you should contact an experienced Boynton Beach personal injury lawyer at Boynton Law at 561.269.6866.

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