The Boynton Law Philosophy

A strong ethical foundation is a key element in the success of any legal firm. At Boynton Law, we are committed to the highest standards of legal practice and deliver outstanding representation for each and every one of our clients. The Boynton Law team comprises leading attorneys from a wide range of legal specialties, including the following:

• Medical malpractice
• Personal injury law
• Wrongful death
• Real estate transactions
• Technology law
• Taxation and business
• Wills, Trusts, and Probate

Our expert team can provide the most effective representation for clients across the spectrum of legal practice. This comprehensive approach allows us to achieve the most positive outcomes for residents of Boynton Beach in the legal arena.

Our Philosophy

Put simply, the Boynton Law philosophy is based on top-quality legal services provided at reasonable rates to serve our clients in Boynton Beach and the surrounding areas. We go the extra mile to provide the best representation and the most innovative legal techniques on behalf of those we serve. Our talented team is committed to providing honest and effective legal services for businesses and individuals. Boynton Law works to create clear lines of communication that ensure the best possible outcomes for our clientele.

Founded on Bedrock Principles of Integrity and Service

As a founding member of Boynton Law, David J. Berkowitz has proven experience in both the computer field and the legal arena. This unique combination of skills makes him an important resource for our clients and a valued asset to our firm. It is his commitment to honesty, integrity and fair dealings that sets the tone for everything we do at Boynton Law. In his capacity as a technology lawyer, David Berkowitz proved himself a leader in this legal field and was integrally involved in cases involving copyright, trademarks, patents, business litigation, online commerce and privacy issues. His vision is critical to the mission of our law firm and ensures that each case is managed effectively and brought to the most successful conclusion possible.

Boynton Beach Law Firm

The entire team at Boynton Law is committed to pursuing cases aggressively on behalf of our Florida clients. We can deliver the best representation for personal injury claims, business litigation, copyright and patent cases and many other areas in the legal field. Give us a call or stop by to discuss your case with one of our knowledgeable attorneys or to learn more about our philosophy firsthand.