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Professional Corporate Technology Representation from the Attorney’s at Boynton Law

In today’s litigious environment, retaining the services of an experienced corporate technology lawyer can help your business avoid costly legal entanglements and can help you deal with these situations if they arise. Corporate tech law firms provide valuable services that include some or all of the following:

  • Establishing copyright for your online content and material
  • Managing the acquisition and retention of domain names related to your core business and trademark
  • Offering guidance in managing regulatory and compliance matters, especially as they relate to security and protection of confidential client information
  • Handling intellectual property disputes in the online environment
  • Providing legal advice in managing your company’s online and social media presence
  • Representing your company in hearings and in court proceedings related to corporate technology issues

These professionals are well-versed in all aspects of business practices and can provide real help in managing your company’s contractual and legal needs. Enlisting the help of a qualified corporate technology attorney can provide you with significant benefits in the competitive marketplace.

Benefits of Retaining a South Florida Corporate Technology Attorney

Some of the most important benefits of retaining a corporate technology attorney or law firm for your business are not immediately quantifiable in financial terms. The peace of mind and added information that these legal professionals provide can help your company move forward more confidently in the online environment. Other benefits of competent legal counsel in the field of corporate technology include the following:

  • Improved reputation management among the online community
  • Assistance in meeting regulatory and compliance requirements related to the protection of confidential financial and personal data
  • More effective responses to infringements of your trademark or copyrighted materials in the online setting
  • Guidance in setting up and maintaining e-commerce sites and storefronts
  • Support for all your online and technologically driven legal needs

At Boynton Law, we offer you the best in corporate technology representation to ensure that all your business matters are handled properly and to help you stay competitive and profitable in today’s Internet-driven economy.

The Best Attorney for the Job

Attorney David J. Berkowitz has proven knowledge in the field of Internet and technology law and has been employed as a web developer, project manager, search engine strategist and IT consultant in the modern computing field. He holds a number of key certifications in the computing field and combines this in-depth knowledge with his legal acumen to provide the most accurate guidance for his clients. Today, Berkowitz puts his years of technical experience to work on behalf of companies throughout the state of Florida as part of the Boynton Law team.

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